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Potomac Associates is a consortium of four independent consulting firms engaged in research and policy consulting on substantive economic and legal issues in international trade, foreign investment, and economic development. In addition to undertaking economic and legal research projects, the consortium is devoted to furthering trade capacity building in developing countries, especially in the areas of trade policy analysis and economic modeling.

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Recent Capacity Building Activities and Studies

Measuring the Economic Impacts of an EU-GCC FTA
January 2005
Abstract /
The Economic Impacts of a Peru Free Trade Agreement with the United States on Sugar, Cotton, and Other Sectors in Peru -- A Partial Equilibrium Analysis
October 2004
3,058 kb**
US Free Trade Agreements and the Enterprise for ASEAN Initiative
September 2004
165 kb**
Free Trade Agreements: Key Negotiating Issues, Substantive Provisions, and Major Considerations
June 2004
127 kb**
Georgetown University-World Bank Seminar on Visions for Development in the Arab World: Regionalism and Globalization
April 2004
Colombia: Analysis of Trade and Investment Issues for Regional and/or Bilateral Negotiations
December 2003

437 kb**
The GCC Customs Union and Proposed EU-GCC Free Trade Agreement in a Model of World Trade
November 2003
1,087 kb**
Zambia in Regional and Extra-Regional Free Trade Agreements
October 2003
2,281 kb**

Rwanda as a Free Trade Zone
October 2003

1,081 kb**
Rwanda as a Free Trade Zone: Fiscal Revenue Impacts and Tax Policy Options
January 2003
821 kb**
Trade Policy Analysis and Modeling in Developing Countries Using a Simple Model of World Trade
September 2002
714 kb**
Policy Seminar and Technical Workshop on Free Trade Zones and Applied Trade Policy Analysis, Kigali, Rwanda
June 2002
76 kb**
Quantitative Impacts of a COMESA Customs Union in the EAC Trade Simulation Model
June 2002
335 kb**
The New EAC Customs Union: Implications for Trade, Industry Competitiveness, and Economic Welfare in East Africa
March 2002
1,061 kb**

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Lead Economists
and Researchers

Together, the lead economists of the consortium have more than a century of experience in trade research and policy analysis, supplemented by seminar and teaching experience:

Dean A. DeRosa is principal economist of ADR International Ltd., an economic research and policy consulting firm located in Falls Church, Virginia. DeRosa holds a Ph.D. (1975) in economics from the University of Oregon. He has been engaged in trade research and policy analysis for over 25 years, with the U.S. Treasury Department, Asian Development Bank, and other international organizations. (More about ADR International Ltd. ...)

James L. Kenworthy is a lawyer and consultant specializing in GATT/WTO framework issues, regional trade arrangements, and foreign direct investment. From 1992 to 2003, he was a senior international trade/investment advisor with Nathan Associates. Prior to 1992, he served with the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce, in private law practice in Latin America, as Assistant Director-Tax/Legal of the National Foreign Trade Council, and as a legislative assistant for a U.S. Senator. He has lectured widely and published works on legal and policy aspects of foreign trade and investment. (More about James L. Kenworthy, Esq ...)

Dale W. Larson is economic consultant and president of Larson Global Consulting, located in Bethesda, Maryland. Larson holds a Ph.D. (1976) in economics from the University of Wisconsin. He has been engaged in trade policy analysis and teaching graduate economics for over 25 years. Prior to 2002, Larson was Deputy Manager of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Washington, D.C., and international trade economist with U.S. Treasury Department, USITC, and U.S. Foreign Service Institute. (More about Larson Global Consulting ...)

Vernon O. Roningen is economic consultant and developer of VORSIM, relatively inexpensive and easy-to-learn computer software for economic modeling in Microsoft Excel, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Roningen holds a Ph.D. (1972) from Columbia University, and has a distinguished record in economic research, trade policy analysis, and world trade modeling, spanning 30 years, with UNCTAD, USITC, and Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (More about VORSIM ...)

Inquiries and Further Information

Inquiries regarding the economic research and trade capacity building capabilities of Potomac Associates are welcome. Please use the hyperlinks on this page to learn more about the consortium and to contact its lead economists.

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